Targets set in 2009 for 2010

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Disposal of certain non-core subsidiaries to improve financial flexibility of Pirelli and support growth in core Tyre business
(discontinuation of Pirelli & C. Real Estate S.p.A. - now Prelios S.p.A - and Broadband Solutions S.p.A.)
Green performance product sales account for 37% of all sales at end of 2010  
Consolidation of new Risk Management System  
investors and financial community  
Financial communication: implementation of Pirelli Equity Story for visibility with analysts and investors, with special focus on sustainability  
Holding “SRI” roadshows  
Implementation of possible remedial plans for vendors audited in 2009  
New independent audits: service providers corresponding to 25% billed in western countries; suppliers of raw materials,
natural rubber and services corresponding to 25% of billings in countries of concern. Total: 58 audits
Focus on information and dialogue - execution of opinion surveys  
Focus on information and dialogue - consolidation of active presence on principal platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)  
Road Safety training: “Safe&Go” 2010 campaign  
Updating of institutional website with focus on interaction with end customer  
Mapping of Pirelli activities in areas protected for their biodiversity/World Heritage Sites/UNESCO Biosphere Reserves/Ramsar Convention  
Production of ecological silica from rice husks  
New Technological Centre of Settimo Torinese: double loop air treatment unit; adiabatic cooling unit; high-efficiency heat capture devices;
use of thermal solar panels; photovoltaic park generating about 1 MWp; solar cooling
Internal communication campaign targeting all Group employees in their own languages with the new versions of:
“The Values and Ethical Code of the Pirelli Group”, the “Social Responsibility for Health, Safety and Labour Rights and Environment” Policy, “Quality Policy”
New Group-wide opinion survey (previous one conducted in 2008)  
Leadership training and development course for all executives and a pool of other key managers, in accordance with the new programme developed by senior management  
Performance Management: creation, development and implementation of new sections dedicated to the employee and to the mapping of his technical competences,
in a view of increasing compliance of performance evaluation system with the “Leadership” project
Lean Manufacturing Programme: the new training programme dedicated to “Operations” and “Quality” professional families will be launched in early 2010.
The aim will be to integrate “lean” methods and logic in managerial processes
Revamping of Career Development Program  
Maintenance safety campaign with the European Occupational Safety and Health Agency EU-OSHA 
Reduction of frequency index FI (Pirelli Tyre Industrial) by 10% against 2009 (2010 industrial frequency index = 1.55)
Increase in number of total training hours at HSE Campus: >100 hours  
Extension of HSE Campus activities to LATAM plants  
Definition of a new Group standard for maintenance activities  
external community  
Partnership with EU-OSHA for new Occupational Health and Safety Campaign  
Renewal of multi-year support for Slatina Hospital through exchange of know-how with Niguarda Hospital in Milan  
Focus on dissemination of business culture through Pirelli Foundation activity  
Initiation of new programmes in favour of the External Community by directly engaging Pirelli employees (active contribution by employee)