Internal community

“The Pirelli Group recognizes the crucial importance of human resources, in the belief that the key to success in any business is the professional input of the people that work for it in a climate of fairness and mutual trust. The Pirelli Group safeguards health, safety and industrial hygiene in the workplace, both through management systems that are continually improving and developing and by promoting an approach to health and safety based on prevention and the effective handling of occupational risk. The Pirelli Group consider respect for workers’ rights as fundamental to the business. Working relationships are managed placing particular emphasis on equal opportunity, on furthering each person’s career development, and on turning their diversity to account by creating a multi-cultural working environment.”.
(Ethical Code – “Human Resources”).

I Pirelliani con le famiglie in occasione dell’Open Day in Bicocca

The above principles are discussed in detail in the Group policy “Social Responsibility for Occupational Health, Safety and Rights, and Environment.” The commitments made by Pirelli with this Policy are based on the SA8000® Standard, which for years has been the benchmark for Group social responsibility, and the United Nations Global Compact, of which Pirelli has been a member since 2004.