Sport and solidarity: a combination for growth

  • Project “Leoni di Potrero – Calcio per tutti”: a free training centre in Milan in collaboration with two Inter Milan football players Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti.
  • “Inter Campus”: Sports and recreational activity in Romania held by FC Internazionale Milano
  • Pirelli Baseball School in Venezuela



There is a close link between solidarity and sport, in a virtuous circle where commitment to sports becomes synonymous with the commitment to promoting social solidarity and ethics, especially amongst young people. Two Inter Milan football players Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti, set up the project “Leoni di Potrero – Calcio per tutti” (Protrero Lions – Soccer for Everyone) a few years ago. It is a free training centre in Milan that is supported by Pirelli and targeted at children between 5 and 12 years of age. The objective is to participate in the development of young students, by fostering positive values such as friendship, loyalty, fidelity, respect and tolerance. This represents a way to teach the concept of integration to children from different social classes, working to prevent negative situations like isolation and loneliness.

The Group also sponsors baseball in Venezuela with the Pirelli Baseball School, attended by over 300 children and teenagers; basket and volleyball in Brazil, and football and cricket in the United Kingdom, to mention just a few activities. However, mention must be made of the “Inter Campus” in Romania.

In July 2008 FC Internazionale Milano, the Group and Comunità Nuova brought the “Inter Campus” project to Slatina. Sports and recreational activities are organised for the whole year, with the participation of over 80 children from different social backgrounds. Through football, they have been learning the values of teamwork, social integration and the importance of friendship for over two years.

An annual football tournament is organised in July, at the end of the sports year, for children at the Campus and for children from Slatina. The second edition of the “Millions of Smiles” trophy was organised in 2010. Over 250 kids played for three days with famous personalities like the footballer Cristian Chivu, volunteers from Italy and trainers from Inter.

As part of the activities at Intercampus, Pirelli organised a photography course for children from July 14th to 31st, in addition to the field trips that the children take over the year to learn and become better acquainted with history. Comunità Nuova, the local social partner, sent a photographer from Italy, who spent two weeks teaching children the art and basic techniques of his profession.

The “football tool” is so strong in the corporate strategy of establishing local roots that the Group has reformulated for application in the diverse and opportunity rich Chinese market. In 2010 it renewed its sponsorship of the Chinese Super League.