Eco-sustainability of processes


Expansions and new sites

The past year was marked both by the beginning of expansion of various existing production sites and the construction of new plants. In particular:

  • Settimo Torinese (Italy), construction of the New Technology Centre and transfer of production activities from the Settimo Vettura site;
  • Slatina (Romania), expansion of the tyre production plant;
  • Yanzhou (China), expansion of the tyre production plant and construction of the steel cord production plant;
  • Mexico, construction of a new plant for production of high-performance and ultra-high-performance tyres, to be operational beginning in 2012.

Each project has been executed by dedicating adequate attention to all environmental issues, both during the design and construction of buildings, and during the definition and installation of processes and production machinery, with the awareness that these choices will impact environmental and other types of performance over the years to come.

Other sites

Pirelli periodically audits the environmental performance of all facilities that are not classifiable as manufacturing sites, focusing in particular but not only on their power and water consumption.
The ecological impact of these facilities is marginal in comparison with the impact generated by production plants (i.e. 2% of total Group consumption). However, measures are currently being taken to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy and improve awareness of the specific environmental issues that depend on the different dimensions of each facility.