Green truck innovation

The principal objective of research and development in the Truck Business Unit is to strike the right balance between all the characteristics of a Pirelli tyre: performance, safety and environmental friendliness. This means developing a tyre that is not limited to compliance with regulatory requirements governing integrity, eco-compatibility, and so on, but extends to all those elements or factors that a tyre must have to offer complete safety both for the driver and the world surrounding him. This radically changes the way a tyre is designed, since it implies developing it for any situation, including unusual conditions.

One of the principal eco-compatibility features is reduction of the energy necessary to fabricate the tyres. For example, a reduction in weight reduces both the raw materials and energy necessary to fabricate the tyre.
The use of recyclable raw materials plays a key role in design. Another key aspect is tyre mileage potential: not only its first life, but also the number of re-treads that can be realised on the same casing translate not only into energy savings but also savings of raw materials. This involves reducing its overall environmental impact while remaining focused on improving the product’s performance.




Improved mileage and longer rst life of the tyre.



Easy tyre reuse thanks to high retreadability and recyclablematerials containing no environmentally-harmful highly-aromatic oils (HAOF).


Low rolling resistance with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.



Improved quietness and excellent travel comfort.
Noise levels already compliant with 2012 European Directives.

A whole series of innovations were rolled out in 2010. From April, Amaranto FH88 Energy™ is available in the 385/65 R 22.5 size to equip the steering axles of vehicles used on long and medium routes (H and R segments). Compared with the previous FH55, the new 385/65 R 22.5 FH88 offers better performance in terms of useful life, rolling resistance, acoustic comfort and retreadability.

In 2010 Pirelli rounded out the most complete range of tyres for city busses on the market: MC85 / MC85 M+S / MC88 M+S for efficiency and safety in urban public transport.

In the urban public transit sector, the demands of transport companies and passengers can be summed up in three key points: efficiency, economy and safety. These performance characteristics are demanded both of the vehicles used and their individual components, and particularly tyres.

Pirelli has used the latest structures and materials in these tyres, perfected by the Research & Development Department to guarantee high performance in terms of mileage, durability, safety and comfort.

  • Mileage: realised by using a special compound that is highly resistant to abrasion and the type of tread design with three deep grooves, which also permits reshaping.
  • Durability: this refers to resistance of the casing structure for retreading, achieved with the SATT™ structure, the hexagonal section ring and reinforced sidewalls.




  • Safety: in terms of grip, handling on wet, slippery surfaces and limited braking distances, realised through the formulation of the tread compound and special tread pattern with zigzag grooves.
  • Comfort: this refers to the effective absorption of shocks caused by irregular road surfaces and low noise, accomplished with the SATT™ structure and geometry of the tread design.

Every line has been designed to maximise performance under a specific weather condition, by means of specific tread design characteristics, with a special focus on handling and grip. The quality and completeness of its product range means that Pirelli tyres are the top choice for many local public transport companies and equip thousands of vehicles in various European cities.


Pirelli Truck completes the range of products to be used on trailers and semi-tractor trailers in the H (Highway / long distance) and R (Regional) segments, with the 435/50 R 19.5 ST:01 size. Due to its size characteristics, this size is also called supersingle and is used especially in equipping “mega-trailers”, i.e. the trailers used for transporting large volumes. In terms of market potential, the 385/55 R 22.5 and 385/65 R 22.5 sizes still have limited volumes, although their popularity is growing.
Use of the 435/50 R 19.5 size, as compared with the 385/55 R 22.5, makes it possible to transport about 4 m3 more cargo, while holding the load capacity constant. Compared with use of 19.5” in pairs, the advantage lies in managing 6 tyres and 6 rims, instead of 12 plus 12. This fact, aside from streamlining operating and maintenance times, offers a slight advantage in terms of weight load when the total gross weight of the vehicle is kept constant (about 190 kg compared with use of the 285/70 R 19.5 size).
Aside from its versatility, customers obviously expect the same level of performance in both uses, load and volume: durability, mileage, integrity and reliability. However, from the technical point of view, due to the diameter, lowered clearance and maximum beading dimensions, the structure of this tyre is subjected to higher levels of stress than other tyres: loads, lateral forces, deformation and slippage that increase the potential criticalities at the extremities of the belt bundle and bead.
For this size, the Group R&D technologists have thus created a new structure to be used with the familiar SATT™ technology process: this is TWST (Twin Wrapped Spiral Technology), patented by Pirelli. The new belt structure, combined with the use of more innovative materials (compounds and fine cords), the reinforced bead, the strap ring (HBW – Pirelli patent) creates a tyre that offers the benefits summed up in the concept “ECOIMPACT,” common to all of those new generation tyres offered in the Series 01, which combine user benefits with environmental friendliness.
The “Pirelli Lifecycle Management” programme (for improving tyres, aiming to reduce their cost/kilometre and environmental impact by improving the entire life cycle of the product) underwent interesting developments in 2010. In the heavy vehicle tyre re-treading market, Pirelli Tyre signed a collaboration agreement with Marangoni (with whom it had already had an agreement since 2003) for Europe. This was subsequently extended to South America, where the Group is the unchallenged leader in the truck tyre segment. The agreement calls for supplying pre-moulded belts for re-treading Novatek brand tyres (this brand is owed by the Group) using the original Pirelli tread design. Marangoni makes the belts sold in Europe at plants in Hamburg, Germany and at Ferentino, Italy.

This project aims in particular at improving the new Series 88 and 01 products, which were introduced on the market in 2009. The belts are available with five different types of compounds, since each is specifically designed for a particular user segment. It must be emphasised that re-treading is outsourced exclusively to a network of retreaders selected and certified by Pirelli. The partnership between the Group and retreaders, with the collaboration offered by Marangoni on the technical and industrial level, will create a vast professional network capable of guaranteeing quality and a local presence to all the biggest truck fleets in Europe.