Environmental management system and certifications

  • These systems have been created and certified in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Units located adjacent to areas that are protected:
    • Vizzola Ticino Tyre Test Track
    • Breuberg in Germany
    • Gravataì in Brazil
    ISO 14001 certification and highest attention for biodiversity respect

Since 1997, Pirelli has implemented environmental management systems for continuous improvement of its environmental performance. These systems have been created and certified in accordance with ISO 14001. All operating Tyre plants were certified at the end of 2010.

100% of Pirelli tyre operating sites are ISO 14001 certified

The focus on management of environmental issues also falls on new plants, where the company considers the implementation and certification of environmental management systems in compliance with ISO 14001 to be binding and fundamental requirements. This activity, together with control and maintenance of previously implemented and certified systems, is coordinated on a centralised basis by the Health Safety and Environment Department.

In addition to the production plant management systems, Pirelli has decided to obtain ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system at the Vizzola Ticino Tyre Test Track. This is a centre for scientific assessment and experimentation of tyre and vehicle performance under different operating conditions. It was designed and built near the Ticino River at the end of the 1960’s.
Although this centre’s impact on the environment and biodiversity of the area are insignificant, the environmental certification was sought by Pirelli to guarantee maximum environmental protection. In fact, the centre’s 26 hectare site lies within the “Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino” (Lombardy Ticino Valley Park), an Italian nature preserve listed as a UNESCO MAB (“Man and Biosphere” area, one of 425 biosphere reserves located in 95 countries around the world).
In addition to the Vizzola, another two Pirelli units are located either adjacent to areas that are protected and/ or of major value for biodiversity. This is the Breuberg site in Germany, measuring 68.7 hectares, which is located opposite an area protected under state law, and the Gravataì site in Brazil, measuring 57.4 hectares, including 16 hectares of land ecosystem protected under federal law. In both cases, the presence of the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system guarantees that all potential environmental impacts, although assessed to be low or absolutely insignificant, must be duly considered in order to reduce all possible impact to a minimum.

In regard to the scope of the Pirelli Tyre production sites, in 2010 the Settimo Torinese plant used to process car tyres was decommissioned, and its production activities were transferred to the New Settimo Torinese Technological Centre, adjacent to the production plant used for industrial tyres. By the end of 2011, certification of the environmental management system will be extended to all activities located at the New Technological Centre, including those transferred from the old site at Settimo Torinese.