Sustainability, technology and product: initiatives for spreading environmental and safety awareness

  • Hannover Trade Fair: an opportunity to present to the public the concept of green performance
  • May: the first event dedicated to improving awarenessof Group products, as part of the international project “Product Experience,”
  • December 2010: the first “Tyre & Product Training Week” 
  • Pirelli has also signed the European Road Safety Charter

At the 2010 Hannover Trade Fair, one of the biggest and most important industrial trade fairs in the world, entitled “Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability,” the massive presence of Pirelli products at the Italian stand confirmed the eco-sustainable policy adopted by this company. The Group accepted the invitation to participate at the ICE stand, an opportunity to present to the public the concept of green performance: a set of technologies, compounds and solutions focused on improving the performance of its new products and simultaneous reduction of its environmental impact.

At the Italian Stand, which hosted Pirelli, visitors were able to admire the Cinturato P7 car tyre, the TPMS Cyber™Tyre Lean sensor and the new Feelpure™ A/R anti-particular filter for heavy vehicles. The Regional Series:01 tyre generated wide appeal in the commercial transport sector. Developed with new patterns, structures and materials, the FR:01 reduces environmental impact and acted as the true ambassador of sustainable mobility. Various initiatives were carried out in 2010 to promote the culture of product environmental sustainability.

In May, the first event dedicated to improving awareness of Group products was held in at the company’s Bicocca headquarters in Milan, as part of the international project “Product Experience,” dedicated both to employees and to Pirelli Tyre customers. The keynote speakers were the Market Director, Uberto Thun, who introduced the concept of green performance and the Pirelli strategy in this area, and the Product Director, Maurizio Boiocchi, who illustrated the exclusive characteristics and performance of the Scorpion Verde, in response to end customer and automotive industry requirements. Three hundred persons attended the event, which should become a regular occasion for giving updates on Pirelli products to its employees.

The first “Tyre & Product Training Week” ended on Thursday, December 16 in Milan, at the Bicocca Auditorium. This event was organised within the framework of the Tyre Campus and aimed to provide theoretical and practical training about tyres. On this occasion, 25 technical training managers from 24 countries offered training seminars on tyres and the range of Pirelli car products. They also improved their own communication skills by participating in the “Train the Trainers” programme. The participants engaged in product experience activities by visiting the Milan Experimentation Department and, on the fourth day, the new Pirelli Industrial Centre at Settimo Torinese. During the event, they were provided with all supporting tools for Pirelli product information and training activities, such as the “Tyre & Product Library,” whose content and user rules were thoroughly revised, as well as a platform dedicated to sharing information and tools.


Pirelli has also signed the European Road Safety Charter, the participatory vehicle promoted by the European Commission and comprised by over 1,950 companies, associations, research institutes and public entities. They are engaged in taking concrete measures and sharing practices to solve road safety problems, with the specific aim of reducing the number of motor vehicle accident victims.

With this agreement, Pirelli has committed itself to intensifying its programme of safety initiatives already undertaken at the international level. In addition to guiding the choice of consumers towards high-end tyres, Pirelli has implemented prevention and maintenance programmes and tools. These include “mobile workshops” for free checks of tyre condition and tyre “maintenance lessons” to raise motorists’ awareness of their importance to driving safety.