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Pirelli Eco Technology

Pirelli Eco Technology is the Group company that operates in the diesel vehicle and heating plant emissions control technology sector.
In metropolitan areas, it is becoming increasingly urgent to find effective solutions for the reduction of air pollution, especially particulates – i.e. all those solid and liquid substances that are suspended in the air. One of the principal sources of particulate in urban areas are combustion processes in heating plants or in the endothermic engines of vehicles.
Direct action on these sources represents the most effective and immediate solution for improving urban air quality. Pirelli Eco Technology is focused on providing concrete, sustainable solutions to the problem of reducing these emissions. Pirelli Eco Technology offers the following products: Feelpure™, a particulate filtering system and GECAM™, the white diesel, “reduced particulate emission” fuel oil.

The Feelpure™ system

Pirelli has been producing and developing Feelpure™ filtering systems since 2004 as mufflers to substitute the original equipment mufflers on diesel engines. They can reduce the mass of diesel engine PM10 emissions by over 90% and NO2 emissions by 50% on average.

With its production facilities in Italy, in Romania and, since 2010, also in China, Pirelli Eco Technology aims to become one of the leading producers of particulate filters on the market, both as original equipment (new vehicles) and retrofit systems for vehicles already in use, with solutions that are applicable to all EURO0-EURO5 diesel engines and all transmission configurations. Pirelli Eco Technology is based in Italy with commercial offices in major European countries.

GECAM™,white diesel

GECAM™ - patented by the Group – is an emulsion of water (10%) and diesel for vehicle use and heating that permits reduction of particulate emissions by 50%. This result was achieved by using emulsified water, which can reduce particulate emissions and the formation of nitrous oxides, one of the principal pollutants typically found in urban areas.

Pirelli Ambiente The Group is actively engaged on energy and environmental issues, and offers solutions for sustainable development through its subsidiary Pirelli & C. Ambiente S.p.A.
By recovering urban solid waste through its associate Idea Granda, Pirelli Ambiente produces CDR-Q, a high-quality fuel developed and patented with the contribution of Pirelli Labs.
Through Solar Utility and its subsidiaries and associates, it generates electric power from photovoltaic cells, providing customers with “100% green” energy.
Pirelli Ambiente Site Remediation offers solutions for management of environmental problems by conducting environmental due diligence.
Green&CO2 operates in the building energy certification and energy consumption streamlining to reduce pollution emission segments.

PZero fashion Continuous green performance research is also a cornerstone of PZero, the luxury brand extension active in the field of industrial design for apparel.
The attention and care dedicated to researching cuttingedge materials and technological solutions, both in terms of design and environmental friendliness, represent the green performance approach taken by PZero