In 2010, Pirelli’s flagship green performance product received major recognition for its comprehensive sustainability.
“Exemplary, with no weaknesses”: this was the brilliant result achieved by the Cinturato P7 in ecologically focused tests organised in Germany by the specialised magazine “Autobild.” These tests were held to assess the capacity of this type of product to combine energy savings and safety features, even under the most demanding conditions on wet roads.
When compared with four other 205/55R16 V tyres, the Pirelli “green” tyre designed for medium and high-powered cars received the highest overall score. It stood out especially for its performance on wet road surfaces – handling and braking distance – and aquaplaning on curves.

The Group received numerous other awards and recognition for the quality, performance and ecosustainability of its products. They have been cited in the first chapter of this report, in the section dedicated to the principal awards received during the year.