Safety, performanceand eco-sustainability

  • Respect for the environment, safety and cutting-edge performance
  • The new generations of tyres are already made in compliance with future European Union labelling regulations, which is coming into force in 2012
  • Raise end user awareness on product and road safety, stimulating passion along with responsibility

The Group’s R&D has carried on its commitment to develop innovative products, characterised by performance and eco-sustainability, in accordance with the company Green Performance philosophy.

Respect for the environment, safety and cutting-edge performance are the key characteristics of the new Pirelli car product lines, such as the Cinturato family and the Scorpion Verde. In the commercial vehicle segment, the extension of the Serie 01, introduced in 2009 for trucks and tractors, to trailer and semi-tractor-trailer equipment (ST:01) represents another example of the company’s commitment. The eco-impact mark on the side of Serie 01 tyres identifies the products that permit reductions in environmental impact through lower rolling resistance, fuel consumption and external noise, in addition to higher mileage. The new generations of tyres are already made in compliance with future European Union labelling regulations, which is coming into force in 2012. Similarly, Pirelli in 2008 also proceeded with the early elimination of highly aromatic oils from green performance product compounds. By eliminating them in 2008, Pirelli anticipated the mandatory 2010 European deadline.

For more details about the “eco-sustainable” characteristics of products, please see the Environmental Dimension chapter in this report.

Pirelli research is constantly dedicated to improving product quality and performance, as well as end customer safety. To achieve this, the company relies on its close ties with the most prestigious car makers in a segment that is particularly scrupulous and demanding in terms of safety and performance: the Ultra High Performance market. Continuous improvements in key performance parameters, such as braking performance under dry and wet conditions, offer customers top-quality products in terms of road safety. There are tyres that have been conceived primarily to offer safety and innovation, such as self-supporting tyres or Run Flat tyres, which guarantee vehicle mobility and control even in the event of a sudden loss in pressure.

Pirelli’s commitment to end customer safety is also documented by its signature on the European Road Safety Charter, promoted by the European Commission through the Directorate General Energy and Transport, with the aim of reducing the number of victims of motor vehicle accidents. With this agreement, Pirelli undertook to intensify its programme of initiatives already launched at the international level. In particular, aside from nudging consumer choices towards higher performance, and thus safer tyres, Pirelli has implemented information programmes (e.g. a space dedicated to safety and prevention topics in each issue of Pirelli Truck) designed to raise driver awareness of the importance of driving with tyres in good condition (correct pressure and sufficient remaining tyre tread).

The “Safe & Go” 2010 campaign is worthy of mention in this sense. As part of this programme, “mobile workshops” were set up at the rest areas along Italian motorways. Here, Pirelli technicians performed free checks for motorists on the condition of their tyres and offered genuine “maintenance lessons.”

Other initiatives that have been scheduled beginning from 2011 call for the creation of information kits targeting young people, to be distributed through Pirelli reseller networks. These kits will describe the tyre characteristics having the greatest impact on road safety.

The motorcyclist world is particularly sensitive to road safety. This is the target for a Pirelli campaign that will focus on active and passive safety issues, from the importance of certified protective equipment to motorcycle maintenance and the Motor Vehicle Code.