Listening and exchanging ideas as sources for continuous improvement

  • Maintain the involvement of users and exploit the opportunity to transform customer experiences into opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Pirelli is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, active with metzeler on a multilingual blog
  • Dealer Satisfaction Surveys conducted in Italy and Brazil

Customer relationships are managed principally through two channels:

  • the local sales organisation, which has direct contact with customers and, by using the Sales Force Automation (SFA) information management system, can process and respond on-site to all customer information requirements;
  • the Pirelli Tyre Contact Centers, which number 31 worldwide and are staffed by over 200 employees, providing both information assistance and order management (inbound), telemarketing and teleselling (outbound), with over 1,800,000 calls a year. A training programme for certain European markets was also developed during 2010 (and is being expanded in 2011), in order to improve relationship skills with customers and developing greater technical and commercial skills. Specific reports and analyses are generated on the basis of available tools to assess efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Pirelli is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, three constantly updated channels that are enjoying exponential growth in spontaneous participation by fans. The principal aims of this exposure is to maintain the involvement of users interested in the Pirelli brand and products, support communication of the institutional website and exploit the opportunity to transform customer experiences into opportunities for continuous improvement.

The German brand Metzeler is particularly active through RIDEXPERIENCE, the multilingual blog where bloggers share their extreme travel experiences, technical advice and interesting news about the motorcycling world.

Feedback received during 2010 included the results of the Dealer Satisfaction Surveys conducted in Italy and Brazil, covering the level of customer satisfaction compared with leading competitors.
In Italy Pirelli posted a total level of satisfaction exceeding the market average (+2.3%). The competitive advantage was confirmed not only at the general level but also for the principal sectors that were investigated, particularly marketing, which remains a strong point for Pirelli (+5.1% above the average for its main competitors) and the product range (+4.9% above the market average).
In Brazil, FY 2010 confirmed an extremely positive trend, both in terms of general customer satisfaction (+3% from 2009 and +18.3% from 2008 with Pirelli reaching the highest levels of satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 5), and in terms of specific areas like product quality (+4.2% from 2009 and +15.6% from 2008).

In collaboration with a group of professors and researchers at the Bocconi University in Milan, a specific study was conducted in 2010 on the target market of the new Cinturato P1, prior to its planned launch on the market in the first half of 2011. This study was carried out by using the conjoint analysis statistical method, in order to determine the purchase drivers according to the value perceived by the consumer. “The result has shown that the brand, as a proxy for quality and safety, is the most important purchase driver (34%), followed by product performance characteristics, such as road hold (23%) and durability (15%).

The action plans defined after the results of surveys conducted in Europe during 2009 were implemented in 2010.

Pirelli will launch the Engaging the Consumers project in 2011.Using a detailed analysis of all phases of the purchase process, the project aims to identify and select Pirelli’s target consumers with precision – the consumers on which it will focus “consumer insights driven” plans – in addition to marketing activities. All of these activities serve to support Group growth strategies.