Information and training

  • Pirelli constantly provides information to its distributor customers and end customers
  • : the strategic objective of the site consists in helping consumers choose the product most suited to their needs
  • Tyre Campus project: Pirelli aims at achieving excellence in product training

Tyre products are subject to statutory noise abatement requirements at the European level. These laws will become much stricter beginning in 2012, when new regulations governing rolling resistance and road hold on wet pavement will also come into effect (European Union Regulation (EC) No. 661/2009). Tyre labelling requirements will also come into force in 2012 (EU Regulation (EC) No. 1222/2009). They aim to improve road safety, by promoting tyres models having a high level of road hold on wet pavement, and reduction of the environmental impact of road transport through the promotion of tyres having low rolling resistance (and thus more fuel efficient) and having low noise levels. Every label will always have to give information about product performance in terms of rolling resistance, road hold on wet pavement and external noise, to be measured using harmonised test methods.

In the United States, “Uniformity Tyre Quality Grading” (UTQG) is required. These rules are currently being revised and will include mention of the degree of rolling resistance. All Pirelli products are sold with a safety warning affixed to the side of the tyres, although this is not required under the law. Voluntary tyre labelling requirements also exist in Japan and are being considered in other countries as well.

In 2010 there were no cases of non-conformity to regulations or voluntary codes involving product/service information and labelling.

Using numerous communication tools, Pirelli constantly provides information about its products and related initiatives to its distributor customers and end customers.

The international website is particularly important for this purpose. Updated at the end of 2010, it contains a series of changes, particularly regarding its approach to consumers.
The strategic objective of the site consists in helping consumers choose the product most suited to their needs, while assisting them throughout the decision-making process until eventual online purchase, and providing them as much information as possible. Regardless of whether the consumer’s “journey” on the site concludes with an online purchase, he will still have been provided with all the tools necessary for visiting any reseller, ready to make an informed purchase. More specifically, the “Find your perfect tyre” configuration tool is a method for engaging the consumer by starting from his personal and driving characteristics, leading him step by step to determining the most suitable tyre for his needs, as described in detail by internationally recognised experts. This ideal tyre can even be “tested” by using virtual and interactive tests.

Other tutorial and interactive configuration tools are offered in the sections dedicated to the car, motorcycle and truck businesses. Each one has its own characteristics aimed at the target segment.
The new website marks a significant change for the Pirelli digital identity: its functionality and style make it stand out as one of the most important brands in the automotive and other sectors.

GETTYRE is the Pirelli and Metzeler e-commerce site dedicated to motorcycle and scooter owners. In collaboration with the network of resellers located in every region of Italy, is the official online store that clearly features a range of tyres and special offers for consumers. The site is already active in Italy and, from March 1, 2011, it will also be active in Spain.

Pirelli paper publications are dominated by the company magazines Pirelli World and, for Brazil, Giro, in addition to publications for the international market, including Pirelli Truck. Street and Motopasion in Brazil. This last publication, which is also available online and published in four languages in Europe (Italian, Spanish, German and English) and in two languages in South America (Spanish and Portuguese), represents a steady channel for communication between Pirelli and transport resellers and professionals. It offers a key tool for distributing information and updates on products and applications.

In 2010 a project to improve both company employees’ and customers’ knowledge about tyres and Pirelli products was developed and implemented worldwide. This is the Tyre Campus project, whereby Pirelli aims at achieving excellence in product training, both in terms of content and methods, from factory visits to simulations of tyre performance. Information and training are now truly comprehensive. Tyre Campus also proposes highlevel training to its own customers on administrative, management and marketing issues, in addition to technical product training.