Principal awards received during the year

  • In 2010 several awards were assigned in accordance with its sustainable performance,starting from the sustainability quality of product, the better brand, the better stakeholders relations, till the better supplier.

Pirelli received numerous awards in 2010 for its sustainable performance accomplishments, both in terms of product and the quality of relations with stakeholders. Some of the awards it has received are listed below in reverse chronological order, from January 2011 to January 2010.

January 2011

  • In China, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the magazine Auto news ranked the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyre as “The best balanced tyre of the year.” The Cinturato P7 stood out for its road hold, stability, tread pattern optimised to reduce its noise level and the low-carbon emissions production process.
  • In England, Pirelli was ranked as the Most Recommended Tyre Brand for 2010, according to the market survey conducted by Encircle Marketing.
  • Pirelli won the first edition of the Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards Italy 100, qualifying as number one in Italy in online communication of employer branding, i.e. the company’s appeal as employer on the basis of the transparent, clear and concise communication through which it seeks to attract job applicants. The analysis considers the principal components of online employer branding: Proposition (how the company presents itself and what it offers to employees), Recruitment (information for job candidates) and User experience (presentation of content).

November 2010

  • The Shandong Provincial Government awarded Pirelli China the “Qilu Friendship” prize for its contribution to the economic and social development of that Chinese province.
  • In Switzerland, Pirelli was proclaimed the best tyre brand of the year for the fifth year in a row, and it won the “Best Tuning Cars & Best Brands 2010” competition, the most popular contest amongst readers of Auto Illustrierte (AI), a prestigious independent car magazine.
  • In Germany, Pirelli has been ranked as the “Best Brand 2010” by the readers of SportAuto for the third consecutive year. This is the authoritative German magazine for automotive enthusiasts, who consider Pirelli to be the “most ‘sporty’ and ‘emotional’ brand.” Pirelli was especially appreciated in the sportsmanship category, for the score it achieved in the areas of “stability in curves,” “high-speed safety,” “excellent braking performance” and “emotionality.”


  • In Germany, Pirelli was proclaimed “Top automotive employer 2010/2011” by CFR, the national research institute that provides comparative analyses on HR management and corporate best practices. Corporate culture, work-life balance, pay, training, development, career opportunities and innovation management were the aspects considered in the CFR study, which awarded 25 firms in the automotive sector, from big car makers to small spare parts suppliers. Having reached its fourth edition, the study was conducted in collaboration with the AT Kearney consulting company, CAR (Center for Automotive Research), the University of Duisburg-Essen and the German Automotive Industry Association. In particular, Pirelli stood out in the categories “Primary benefits,” “Career opportunities” and “Innovation management.”


  • In Warsaw, Pirelli was the guest of honour at the Cement Sustainability Initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), as the model for best practice in terms of management focused on continuous improvement of health and safety at the workplace. According to a study carried out by the Cement Sustainability Initiative, Pirelli practices were the best of all study participants belonging to the auto parts and tyres sector.
  • In Germany, “Exemplary” was the final judgement of “Autobild,” which did not find any drawbacks with the Pirelli Cinturato P7, remarking on “its convincing talent, and satisfying energy savings characteristics; its smooth driving performance, with stable grip on curves and limited braking distances both on dry and wet pavement; its quiet ride.”
  • Following the 2010 revision of the Dow Jones indices carried out by SAM Group, the Swiss asset manager responsible for assessment, admission or exclusion of the companies from the Dow Jones sustainability equity indices – Pirelli was confirmed global Sustainability Leader in the Autoparts & Tires sector for the fourth year in a row, as part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices. For the second year in a row, Pirelli is also the only Italian company to be ranked as a world leader in its own sector.


  • In London, Pirelli won the “Country Award 2010” for Italy, handed out by the authoritative IR Magazine Europe to the best companies and professionals in investor relations. The award was decided by over 700 domestic and international analysts and investors.


  • In China Pirelli was judged the best brand on the spare parts market by the “China Automobile Aftermarket Summit,” the forum that was held at the end of April in Beijing and sponsored by the prestigious magazine Motor Trend. Twenty-seven tyre brands competed for the prize, which was awarded by sector experts participating at the forum who declared Pirelli “Recommended Brand” for 2010. The principal theme of the conference was the state of the art of the spare parts market, ranging from technology to marketing, with an analysis of the future.


  • Pirelli received another important award in the United States. On April 23 it participated at the Ford World Excellence Award ceremony in Dearborn, Michigan, receiving the prestigious prize for its excellent performance as measured by quality, cost and delivery in 2009. The star player for this award was the tyre plant at Guacara, Venezuela, which supplies Pirelli tyres to Ford.
  • Another prize won by Pirelli in the United States was the prestigious JD Power & Associates Award for its high performance tyres for sports cars, which were found to be the favourite brand in the segment according to the ”Original Equipment Tire Satisfaction Index Study” conducted by JD Power & Associates, which surveys the general level of motorist satisfaction every year.


  • Cinturato P7 and P6 passed with flying colours the tests held by ADAC, the most important and prestigious Automobil-Club in Germany and Europe, with over 19 million members. Pirelli thus confirmed its leadership in terms of performance, safety and eco-compatibility, proving once again that it had internalised the philosophy and core values of Green Performance. The test results, which were also published by the automobile clubs of Austria and Switzerland (TCS and OAMTC), showed how the Cinturato P7 and P6 tyres are extremely reliable tyres and, therefore, deemed highly recommended for users. Pirelli Cinturato P7 turned out to be the best in reconciling high performance on both wet and dry pavement, with low rolling resistance, higher mileage and quieter ride. The Cinturato P6 posted the same results, not only by beating all its competitors in the tests, but also by being the only tyre classified in the Green Performance category. These results have rewarded Pirelli’s approach, enabling it to win a leading position by combining safety, performance and eco-compatibility.


  • Pirelli was the tyre brand of the year in Nigeria. The awards ceremony of the Nigeria Auto Media Awards was held in the capital city of Lagos on January 21. This competition was organised by the specialised car and transport press. Pirelli won the Diamond Jewel Award in the tyre category, as “Tyre Brand of the Year 2009”.
  • In the presence of over 500 participating suppliers and automotive companies, Pirelli Japan won the Autobacs Award 2009 in Tokyo as the best tyre supplier of the year. Autobacs, an historic Japanese reseller of spare parts and accessories for cars founded in 1947 and having operations worldwide, awarded Pirelli for the significant contribution it made to sales in 2009. The driver for this success was the P4 Four Season. For Pirelli Tyre, the Autobacs award represents a major success, the result of effective teamwork between headquarters, Pirelli China and Pirelli Japan, which collaborated on the project from the beginning.

For a complete, detailed overview of the awards and recognition received by the Group in 2009, please see the Sustainability section in the Sustainability Channel area on the website